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Top 10 things to do in Dalat city

Aug 26th 2015.
Top 10 things to do in Dalat city was wrote by a tourist who have experienced in Dalat city for 1 week. This is the personal opinion for reference.

1.      Take Alpine coasters

Alpine coasters systems in Datanla waterfall are considered unique slides of Da Lat. It is length 1,000m winding slopes, have the brake system to slow down its sensor speed of the car going too fast to keep a safe distance between vehicles. Slide in the tube trough the cars for 2 people, with hand brake to adjust the speed. The average speed is 10-20 km, maximum 40 km. Previously wanted to go down Datanla waterfall struggled overcome hundreds of meters steep road and the only way is only walking time from 10 to 15 minutes, now we can be up or down very quickly from 1.5 to 2 minutes.
2.      Take cable car
Da Lat cable car from the Robin hill to the Truc Lam Zen Monastery. It is length 2.300m, at an altitude of 1600m above sea level. From the top of Robin hill you can see all  the view of Da Lat city.  Da Lat cable car system is starting construction on February 3rd, 2002, inaugurated on January 24th, 2003 and officially launched into operation on January 2nd 2003.

Cable car system by the Swiss Doppelmayr company and the Austrian design, fabrication and installation. With 50 cabin automatic full color with a maximum transport capacity of 900 turns / hour, visitors can enjoy the majestic highland mountain forest, the entire city of thousand flowers and flying above the pine forest, enjoy the fresh air of heaven Da Lat. 

3.      Elephant riding

You can ride an elephant in the Da Tien area or Prenn waterfall. In Da Tien area, at the end of Tuyen Lam Lake, where visitors can paddle fishing, stroll the forest elephant riding, enjoying wine and specialties of highland mountains in the floating on the lake or ethnic stilt houses on the hillsides stretching through, and admire the beautiful landscape.

4.     Ostrich riding

You can rides ostrich in Prenn waterfall, 10 km from Da Lat city. The ostriches are lined up neatly like the horses awaiting command. Once in place, just a pat, ostriches will give you the feeling of euphoria over long distances of several tens of meters. The adult ostriches were trained with boldness, on their belts a quiet certainty, with handles. Guests sitting on the back ostriches walk around and see the beautiful nature of Da Lat.

5.      Take Jeep or  Trek to Langbiang Mountain

If you want to go to top of the mountain you can chose a Jeep car or walk. Because the terrain is mainly steep, very pass, so many corners. they usually use jeep car, it made by the former Soviet Union. you sit in the car you are constrained vision and scenic overlook. Some tourist chooses conquer Langbiang on foot to enjoy the romantic scenery, is also an opportunity to try the slopes, moreover, the long road to the top only 5km.

6.      Take a boat in Tuyen Lam lake

From a desolate valley at an altitude of more than 1,000m above sea level, Tuyen Lam lake has been converted into an ideal point of the highlands, 5km from Da Lat city, neatly between the vast pine forests and streams legendary. The dry season in the region lasts 6 months, not a speck of rain, but the lake is still full of water. Blue lake surface year round, rarely have big waves. The pine forests covering the mountains, the hills around it, experiencing untouched sight. All blended together, paint a picture of nature, quiet, serene and strangely poetic. Some tourists spend all the day take a boat on the lake, enjoy the fresh air, cool and calm precious.

7.      Visit Crazy house and Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Hang Nga villa also calls Crazy house consists of several buildings and guest houses, cafes and art galleries with special style. The interior of the building includes caves, winding corridors, winding staircases, furniture quirky and animal statues with big size. There are no straight lines and corners. May give the impression that space, corridors, staircases, windows or furniture – everything seems to have been cooked at high temperatures melted and then frozen in grotesque shapes. Between the buildings is the tree line, gnarled roots made of concrete and huge spider webs made from a wire.
Linh Phuoc Pagoda located at 120 Tu Phuoc, in the area of Trai Mat, 8 km from Da Lat city, on Highway 20. The temple is also known as Chua Ve Chai because the yard with 49 m long dragon made 12,000 bottles of beer. Linh Phuoc Pagoda is an architectural mosaic of an excellent connoisseur of Da Lat.  The main hall length 33 m, width 12 m with two terracotta mosaic dragon pillars, above the many reliefs mosaic faience introduces historical Buddha Shakyamuni and the historical references in the Lotus Sutra of Amitabha.

8.      Da Lat Canyoning Tour

Are you a spider? Do you like water? If so! Please join adventurous rafting trip right away – exploring for you! The professional guides will show you the equipment and help you stay beyond the rapids. No experience necessary, you can also join rope climbing, swimming and cross-slide down the waterfall

9.      Walk around the night market

If you love Korean culture you will know Dongdaemun Market,  the famous in Seoul. Da Lat night market is the same Dongdaemun. Coming to Da Lat Market, walk the night market area with a cool climate, fresh air to breathe mixed smell of food, the night fog crept across the shops with yellow street lights vague. One scene “Dongdaemun” very romantic style Viet Nam.

10.  Take old train

The Da Lat Railway Station is considered unique station with many records: the highest station, the oldest station (together with the Hai Phong station), steam locomotives only (only in Da Lat), stations the most unique and most beautiful…
Da Lat Railway Station now still trains on a route – and only one – it is route Da Lat – Trai Mat length 7 km.
The train takes around 30 minutes, on the train you can see a nice view, the fare is 124,000 VND. So the average speed is 14 km / hour. So more 3 record again: the shortest train route, the most expensive and slowest Viet Nam!


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